5 Necessary MMA Equipment For Training

5 Necessary MMA Equipment For Training

When you start training in MMA and Muay Thai, you’re obviously going to be short of the necessary Muay Thai and MMA equipment including Gloves, Muay Thai Shorts, MMA Shorts to train smoothly and safely. And, well, the long list of equipment used in training isn’t really helping you choose which ones are absolutely necessary right from the start.


The good news is that this list is here to help you.

Listed below are the top 5 MMA equipment you’ll absolutely need to make sure that you get the most out of your MMA training.

  1. MMA Gloves.

There are all sorts of gloves to choose from these days, coming in different brands, designs, and color. Though, in truth, those three are negligible because what you should consider, first and foremost, is the type of foam padding the glove has, if it has ample wrist support and if it’s a hybrid glove (a cross between bag and sparring gloves).

A decent pair of MMA gloves will cost you around $85. You could also find one as far down as $55, but any less than that and you’re looking at a pair of gloves that won’t last you a year.

  1. MMA Shorts

When shopping for shorts, you should always watch out for the splits on the legs and under panel. This is because they give you a wider range of motion and better flexibility. Though, with shorts, you have to be particular with the brand – Venum, Hayabusa and Bad Boy should be on top of your list.

  1. Rash guards

MMA is a very physical contact sport and you’re going to want to train with a rash guard on. Why? Because it helps you keep your temperature up and at the same time, it protects you from ring worm and staph infection.

  1. MMA T-Shirts

Also, you wouldn’t want to be wearing rash guards all the time while training, so you should have a few shirts in handy.

MMA shirts are priced quite reasonably well now that MMA has gone mainstream and you have a lot to choose from.

Unlike others on this list, you shouldn’t really have to be too particular when it comes to MMA shirts. What’s important is that you’re comfortable wearing it before, during and/or after training.

  1. Training Bag and Mouthpiece

The training bag is pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure that it’s large and spacious enough to fit all your stuff right now while still having room for more stuff in the future.

As for the mouthpiece, it’s going to be your dental insurance once you’re in the gym, especially once you start sparring. After all, getting hit is inevitable, but losing a couple of teeth is something that you can totally prevent.

There you have it, five must-have MMA equipment that you definitely should want to buy first before you start taking your MMA training seriously.

Of course, you’re going to buy more stuff down the line, such as a GI if you’re training in BJJ, or shin guards, headgear and a bunch of other stuff, but for the first few months, these five should be enough.