Why Boxing Can Help You Improve Your MMA Technique

If you’re an MMA fighter and you feel like you just hit a plateau, you may want to think about picking up your boxing gloves and taking up actual boxing. Yes, boxing, as in going to a boxing gym and training under a boxing coach.

Why? Because boxing can teach you a lot of things, such as:

It’s not like you’re not punching in MMA, but punches in MMA are different than that of a boxer.

For starters, in boxing, fighters have to rely only on their fists and as such, have learned how to throw all kinds of different punches using different techniques coming at different angles using all sorts of body positions. Even the levels of energy commitments are different and vary depending on the preference of the boxer.


In boxing, you learn the technicality of punches and as a result, you learn how to throw them with more power, speed, efficiency and precision. You also learn how to time them better and how to use angles.

When you use two hands to attack and defend simultaneously, you’re going to get a fast-paced fight and that’s exactly what happens in boxing.

When two fighters meet inside the square ring, they rarely think or plan right at that very instant. Everything they do is just a reaction to each other’s reaction, making quick reflexes very important.

That’s not to say that they don’t use their minds or brains at all, but rather, it’s that their brains are wired to work somehow “unconsciously” to the point that boxers have learned to just “know” how and when to react.

  1. Art and efficiency.

Have you ever watched a boxing match between two pro boxers live? Now, compare that to other fighters in other sports and you’ll see what’s meant by the words “art” and “efficiency”.

In boxing, there’s grace in what the fighters do and there’s also efficiency. Like, slipping, ducking and rolling out of 20 punches in a row, all the while the evading fighter makes things look so easy as if anyone can do it.

Yes, all that evading can look lazy to the untrained eyes, but to those who’ve trained in other disciplines, they see the art and efficiency behind all of those.

If you train in boxing, you don’t just learn how to throw a punch. You learn when to throw it.

Some may look down on boxing because fighters only get to use their hands, but it’s this fact that actually makes it so beautiful.

With a focus on efficiency, quick reflexes and timing, boxing is a sport that all fighters can learn a lot from; especially those who want to sharpen their MMA technique.

So, if you think that you just a plateau or if you really just want to spice things up, try your hands in boxing and you’ll surely see your MMA technique improve.

Be careful, though, you may fall in love with the sport and never look back.

Remember, you’ve been warned.