5 MMA Workout Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Training

5 MMA Workout Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Training

When you’re designing your MMA or Boxing workout, it’s best to work with a coach. However, you’ll still want to have a plan laid out already so that your coach or trainer won’t have a hard time working with you. Customize Boxing Shorts also important too.

Listed below are 5 tips that you should help you when you’re designing your own MMA workout routine.

  1. Focus on your cores. Sit ups and lower back extensions are good and all for your core, but they’re not the end-all, be-all of everything. And, since pretty much everything you do in MMA is going to involve your core in some way, it may as well be a good idea to learn about other stuff you can do to help strengthen it.


 Be sure to ask your coach or training about what they can recommend to you about core training, preferably one that also involves you working on your balance, stability and coordination.

  1. Give ample stretching time. You’d think that most people would know this by now, but unfortunately, most done. Most still prefer NOT to stretch before and after their workout, which often leads to a higher risk of injury and much lower results.

Also, apart from safety, stretching helps keep you flexible and with all the grappling, tackling, as well as wrestling you’re going to do, you’re definitely going to want to improve on that.

  1. Forget about bodybuilding. When training in MMA, you have no business lifting huge weights for you to get big. In MMA, you need to be nimble and flexible – lifting heavy weights isn’t going to help you do that. What will help you do that, though, is to focus on compound and multi-joint exercises that will work out plenty of muscles in your body, as opposed to working out a single one.
  1. Vary the intensity of your training. Your training should be like that of a real fight – slow, fast, slow and then fast, and then boom. You get it, right?

When training, try to vary your training and don’t always go full intensity. Sometimes, your body needs some rest and you can get away with much lighter work. Though, don’t take the light work for granted, you still should take it as seriously as you would your full load workout.

  1. Even if it’s just with your coach and they’re giving you a handicap of sorts, spar. Not only will this allow you to experience the closest thing to a real fight, but you also get to practice plenty of things that you dreamed of applying to a real opponent.

Planning the right MMA workout routine isn’t easy, but the same goes for actually implementing it.

So, be sure to ask for help from your coach and trainer for both so you have someone who actually holds you accountable for what it is you do. While, at the same time, you have someone who’s looking out for you and your best interests while you train.