Choosing the Right MMA School

Choosing the Right MMA School

MMA, as a brand, is easy to take advantage of. If you have the charisma, the right build and of course, a few credentials to boot, you can easily charge people to teach them MMA. And, this is something that a lot of people actually do, even those who’ve little to no experience when it comes to MMA.

The result is quite disheartening, because those who fall prey to such scams often do not get their money’s worth.

Now, if you’re interested in MMA and want to avoid choosing the wrong MMA school, you may want to consider these eight tips below.


  1. The instructor, coaches and staff should be accommodating. This is a definite must. If they’re legitimate, they’ll likely take the fact that you’re standing inside their gym as a chance to show you around, offer you free classes and of course, answer all of your questions. If they can’t do any one of the three, just save yourself the trouble and move on to the next gym.
  1. They should be well-reputed in your community and online. We live in the modern age and while the literal word of mouth is still the best way to know if a business is legit, you can take off to social media for that as well. A well-reputed MMA school will definitely have a huge social media presence, actively posting pictures of the gym and interacting with followers. Well, the latter is optional, but a social media account with some sort of presence and a few reviews would be a good sign.
  1. Their programs should be reasonably priced. MMA schools and cheap don’t go well together. That doesn’t mean to say that going to one is expensive either. Rather, it’s just that if you want to get quality instructor, along with the right equipment and environment to go with it, you should expect to pay up. Though, you may want to avoid going to the most expensive MMA school in your area, because that’s just not a good way to choose.
  1. Take a free flier. Most MMA schools are more than happy to give interested members a free trial for a few classes. If possible, take advantage of this and observe the class. Also, try to check out how smoothly the instructor can make each session go.
  1. Check out how strict they are. The best MMA schools aren’t afraid to kick out students for misdemeanor or misconduct. If you see a**holes loitering around, skip it and move on.
  1. It’s a good sign if pro fighters train at the gym. Not only do they serve as an inspiration and a way to motivate you, the fact that the pros are training there goes a long way in proving that the place is legit.

There you have it. 6 tips to help you choose the right MMA school. Of course, you still do have to consider the location and schedule, but those two things are something you can manage should a certain gym check out of all 6 boxes.