How To Know If Your Local MMA School Is The Real Deal

How To Know If Your Local MMA School Is The Real Deal

About a decade or so ago, the only way to train MMA was to drive to an MMA school that was hours away from your home. But, things have changed and today, you’ll find MMA schools popping up just about anywhere.

Unfortunately, though, this influx of schools has left much to desire when it comes to the talent and expertise of each one. Thus, this begs us to ask, how do you exactly know if a local MMA school is the real deal or not?


  1. Are they willing to answer any of your questions?

Remember, the MMA school is a business and you are their potential customer. This means that they should be willing to answer any of your questions, even if they’re borderline pestering.

If the instructors or head coach seem put off that you’re asking a lot, chances are, they’re hiding something. Take that as a red flag and leave.

  1. Does the place actually look the part?

Of course, you should never judge a book by its cover, but with MMA schools, they should at least, look the part.

The gym should be well-lit, have ample space for people to move around, well-cleaned mats and equipment, as well as an area for free weights.

If the gym looks a bit run-down, you probably won’t be getting much from them in terms of quality instruction.

  1. Are their services reasonably priced?

As good rule of thumb, if the place is too cheap, skip them. You probably won’t be getting quality instruction from them, not to mention that the place probably won’t look so good.

Remember, a legitimate MMA school won’t come cheap. But, keep in mind, with premium price comes premium services, so you’re getting what you paid for with them and it’s safe to say, you’re getting a lot for your money.

Of course, if you have no plans to compete anytime soon and you just want to get in shape, you can get away with a cheap gym. That is, so long as you keep what’s written in No. 2 in mind.

  1. Is the gym and/or its instructors certified?

Be careful. Plenty of former Karate, Kung Fu and Taekwondo schools are masquerading as MMA schools these days, and while not all of them are that bad, it’s best that you avoid them and go to a school that actually specializes in MMA.

If possible, train under someone who’s certified by a widely recognized MMA school, or someone who fights professionally, or a top-level competitor, or at least, someone who’s trained in MMA for many years.

  1. Are there any pro fighters training there?

If there’s any stand out fighter training in the place, chances are, the gym is legit.

Plus, going to where these pros go will give you the motivation you need to push through and attend all your classes.

Take advantage of any free trial offers and keep in mind what’s discussed above. In time, you’ll find an MMA school that fits all your needs and wants perfectly.